Photographer  Akira Katase
Photographer Akira Katase


title : Prague falls in love
title : Prague falls in love

Movie Essay

title :  Dream in the library
title : Dream in the library


title : You're my sunshine
title : You're my sunshine

Florence, Italy

New York Broadway

New York 5th AV.


Have you ever seen your best smile?

You look at your facial expression in a mirror every day. People whom you trust see your wonderful smile. But, you have never looked it before, maybe.

It is difficult to look it for yourself. I would like to show you it. Therefore I keep on taking photos. My work places are Japan and US, Europe, so far. I'm going to take your smiley photo wherever you need.

I visit NY and Europe regularly. And shoot photos, movies.

title:  World smiles
title: World smiles

Photo shooting for brand "mille baisers"  in Prague, Czech 

                                 mille baisers

Documentary Film

The making of photo shooting  for brand "mille baisers" in Prague


producer             Miki Nishioka

art director          Tamami Takahashi

Short Film

Original Short Film 『Paris = Love..』 

Directed by Akira Katase